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The Marion Griffin-Frances Loring Award

The Marion Griffin-Frances Loring Award was established in 1989, on the 10th anniversary of the founding of the AWA, to recognize those who have made outstanding contributions to women in the legal profession. The award originally was designated the “Frances Grant Loring Award,” and the recipient was Frances Grant Loring in recognition of her courage, vision, humor, faith and dedication. At Ms. Loring's request, the award was designated the “Marion Griffin-Frances Loring Award” in honor of the first woman elected to the Tennessee House of Representatives.
Lucie Brackin
2023 Marion Griffin-Frances Loring
Award Honoree
L Brackin.jpeg

Past Marion Griffin-Frances Loring Award Recipients


1989       Frances Grant Loring

1990       The Honorable Martha Craig "Cissy"                       Daughtrey

1991       Gail O. Mathes

1992       The Honorable Julia S. Gibbons

1993       The Honorable Karen R. Williams

1994       The Honorable Bernice B. Donald

1995       Blanchard E. Tual

1996       The Honorable Penny J. White

1997       Dorothy J. Pounders

1998       Ellen B. Vergos

1999       The Honorable Janice M. Holder

2000       Veronica F. Coleman

2001       The Honorable Carol J. Chumney

2002       Linda L. Holmes

2003       The Honorable Kay Spalding Robilio

2004       Susan Clark

2005       The Honorable Rita L. Stotts

2006       Barbara Zoccola

2007       Amy J. Amundsen

2008       Ruby R. Wharton

2010       Professor Janet L. Richards

2011       The Honorable Donna M. Fields 

2012       Amy P. Weirich

2013       The Honorable Paulette J. Delk

2014       Linda Warren Seely

2015       The Honorable Holly Kirby

2016       Maureen Holland

2017       Mary Wolff

2018       The Honorable Claudia Haltom

2019       Jocelyn Dan Wurzburg

2020       The Honorable Diane K. Vescovo

2023       Lucie Brackin

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